4 Reasons to Give Restaurant Gift Cards this Holiday Season

The holidays mean the start of many different beloved traditions, like decorating, gathering with loved ones, baking family recipes, and, of course, giving and receiving gifts. You want to show the people in your life you care about them by getting them the perfect present, but this isn’t always easy. However, there’s one holiday gift that everyone on your list is sure to love – a gift card to their favorite restaurant! A restaurant gift card is the ultimate holiday gift and can help make this aspect of the season much easier.

Here are the top reasons why you should pick up a restaurant gift card during your holiday shopping. 

1. You Know It Will Get Used

When you spend money on a gift, the last thing you want is to think that your gift might never be used. Unfortunately, this ends up happening to many holiday gifts. Something might not be someone’s taste or ends up getting forgotten about, and it sits unused until it gets thrown away. 

Unlike a present that someone might not have any need for, everyone will look forward to a night out where they don’t have to cook for themselves. Whether it’s brunch, dinner, or even just dessert and drinks, no one will pass up the chance to go out. Anyone who gets a gift card to a restaurant for a gift will have a nice treat waiting for them after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over. 

2. Experience Gifts are Extremely Popular

Giving the perfect material gift is difficult for many people. Because of this, giving experiences, rather than a regular present, has gotten more popular in the past few years. Many of us already have plenty of things, and might not want anything else, especially if it’s something we won’t get any use out of. 

However, a meal out at their favorite restaurant in Wilkes-Barre gives them something nice to do instead. Restaurant gift cards might be a small example of what you can give as an experience gift, but a meal at a restaurant they love can be a special occasion that they can get more out of than a material gift.

3. It’s Perfect for Those You Don’t Know Very Well

We all end up in a position where we need to give a gift to someone we don’t know very well. While you might not be that close, you still want to give them something that they will enjoy. Of course, this is difficult. In this situation, the best thing you can give is a gift card to a restaurant. 

At Bank+Vine, we have a menu everyone will enjoy, so even if you aren’t sure what their exact tastes are, they’re sure to find something they love while they dine in our historic bank building. Our gift cards can also be used at Kevin’s, The Beaumont Inn, Rikasa, Cork, Grico’s, Grico’s South, or Fire and Ice, so they can choose where they want to go.

4. You Don’t Have to Deal with Supply Chain Issues

Many people are struggling to give a meaningful gift this season due to the current problems with supply chains. Even if you have an idea of what gift to give, it might be hard to find in time for the holidays. With a gift card, you don’t have to worry about delays like this, so you can still give a great gift on time. 

Get a Gift Card for the Holidays Today

The holidays are already here, so don’t put off getting gift cards for your loved ones any longer. Getting a gift card couldn’t be any easier, so you can cross this off your to-do list quickly and focus on the rest of your holiday plans. Purchase your gift card today!

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