5 Delicious Desserts at Bank+Vine

Any great meal is incomplete without delicious desserts. And let’s face it, do you really need a reason to have dessert? No matter the time of the day or the occasion, you want to treat your tastebuds with delicious sweets. 

Those who love all things sweet have probably wondered about things like when did the concept of dessert originate? Or what was the first dessert ever made? We have some interesting answers for you, along with some desserts you can try out for yourself at Bank+Vine. 

When Did Dessert Start?

Across several ancient civilizations, people would feast with a treat of nuts and fruit drenched in honey. This was considered the first ever “candy,” as sugar wasn’t manufactured until the middle ages. After this is when people started to eat more sweets. 

Because sugar wasn’t manufactured, it was expensive at the time and was served only to the wealthy on special occasions. In fact, there’s a record of many sweet treats that existed only as delicacies around 3000 BC. 

A reported early example is the Turkish dish aşure, a sweet pudding made with grains, beans, and fruit. It was among the earliest sweet dishes. 

Of course, honey was the go-to sweetening agent before refined sugar. Apart from that, the dessert ingredients combination that really worked was fresh or dried fruits, cream, mallow, and licorice!  

This brings us to the next question – what was the first dessert ever made? Let’s find out.

What Was the First Dessert Ever Made?

Come the 17th century and desserts finally began to look the way they do today. We’re referring to the beautiful and elaborate pastries and cakes made by professional pastry chefs. 

Aside from being used in desserts, sugar began to be sculpted into extravagant centerpieces for banquets.

This was also the time when the first recorded dessert was created. It was made with a combination of sweetened pastry and a sweeter filling: the Linzer Torte.

A 1653 recipe for Linzer Torte was discovered in the Admont Abbey in Austria, making it the oldest known dessert recipe. Of course, the dessert itself has undergone several changes over the years. Some make it with a cranberry-orange filling along with a crust of ground almonds and hazelnuts. Others used ground walnuts in the crust that enveloped a raspberry jam filling.  

In fact, the Linzer Torte has also gone on to inspire a cookie version, where it looks like a miniature version of itself, along with almond sugar cookies sandwiching red currant jam.

What’s On Our Dessert Menu?

With the dessert menu at Bank+Vine, we’re set to convince you that Heaven is a place on Earth. 

Let’s have a look at five delicious desserts we serve here at our restaurant. We promise you, once you’re done reading this list, you’ll want to taste each item yourself. 

  • Milk Chocolate Budino, Butterscotch Caramel, House Creme Fraiche

The first one on our delicious menu is Budino, or Italian pudding. This dish is something to relish when you’re in the mood for a dessert that’s decadent, yet uses simple ingredients. Our milk chocolate budino is made from, you guessed it – silky milk chocolate, cream, and eggs. It’s nothing but wobbly goodness that melts in your mouth. The budino is served with a luxurious butterscotch caramel made with brown sugar and topped off with a classic house crème fraiche that seals the deal.  

  • Sweet Potato Mousse, Toasted Marshmallow

Have you ever tried having a potato for anything other than dinner? They’re great for every meal, but few think of how good potatoes can be for dessert. When you cook potatoes in mousse and some syrup, you turn a dinner vegetable into a dessert delight. Pair it with toasted marshmallows and it’s a warm dessert unlike any you’ve ever had before. 

  • Caramel Apple Popsicle, Local Apples, Dulce de Leche

Fruits are more than healthy snacks and sides. You have all of the sweet juiciness of an apple combined with the sweet richness of caramel. It’s all the sweetness that you could want from dessert. We also use the freshest ingredients from locally farmed apples, and dulce de leche to dip your caramel apple in if you want to make it even sweeter.

  • Selection of House-Made Ice Cream + Sorbet

What’s a delicious dessert menu without some good ol’ ice cream? Sometimes, there’s nothing like a frozen treat that melts in your mouth! If you love simplicity in your desserts, our dessert menu has something for you! Browse through our selection of creamy house-made ice creams, and take your pick. We’ll serve it with a sorbet that gives it the twist that every palate yearns for. Those looking for a combination of rich and refreshing are sure to enjoy this simple, yet delightful and satisfying dessert. 

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Bank+Vine

Few things come close to the euphoria of tucking into a yummy dessert after enjoying a delectable meal. This is the sort of experience that life’s simple pleasures are made of. Many people say that dessert makes you a happier and a better human being. Ask us, and we’ll agree!

So, the next time you come over to Bank+Vine for some lovely food, don’t forget to order your favorite dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Reserve a table with us today!

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