Benefits of Being a Food Service Worker

It’s no secret that there is a labor shortage across the United States. However, as more people become vaccinated, more individuals are beginning to return to activities in their local communities, including dining at restaurants. However, with many establishments understaffed, businesses are desperate to get workers back. If you are considering a job in food service, take a look at these benefits.


In many food service positions, you can expect to earn tips for your time. Many individuals like the hustle of being part of a wait staff because of this! It allows you to have cash in your pocket as you leave for the night while you also earn your standard paycheck. 

Customer Service Skills

Whether you are in the front end or back end of a restaurant, working in food service is a great way to boost your customer service skills.

Regardless of if this is a summer job or your full-time gig, you are learning valuable skills for any future positions you may acquire. Not everyone is a people person, so utilizing those customer service skills you’ve honed in on as a server and bartender can really take you places!

Money Handling Skills

Be it as a server, bartender, or cashier, whenever you have the experience and opportunity to handle money, this is a beneficial skill to have. This shows you are dependable, have a sense of responsibility, and are ready for nearly any task.

Is food service for you?

If you are a team player looking to explore career opportunities in the food service industry in a variety of dining atmospheres, Friedman Hospitality Group has opportunities for you!

We are currently hiring in each of our locations for the following positions:

  • Bartenders
  • Cooks
  • Servers
  • Sous chef
  • Dishwashers

To learn more about employment opportunities, visit our website.

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