Community Centered: From Farm Fresh to Abide Coffeehouse

Looking for the perfect dinner date spot this summer? Make a reservation at Bank+Vine today! When utilizing local farms and farmers markets, there is a constant connection with the community. But it isn’t just the community feel that we love at Bank+Vine. Take a look at the benefits of utilizing farm-fresh finds and local vendors.

Beneficial from Nutrients to the Local Community

By focusing on farm-to-table cuisine, the foods created to maintain their nutrients. It has been proven that foods lose their nutrients 24 hours after being harvested. Locally sourced food guarantees the nutrients stay in fresh foods. The locally picked food is also gathered at its ripest. Farmers pick their food based on the timing and on the firmness of the fruit and/or vegetables so when restaurants buy them, they get the ripeness and taste they guarantee their customers. When purchasing food from a place that freezes food, the restaurant cannot guarantee the freshness of the produce. 

The other benefit of buying from local farmers is better seasonal foods. When going to the farmers market, you get the best foods that can only be grown based on the seasons. Summer and spring are the best seasons for growing fruits in the United States. However, winter and fall have specific foods that are only grown during that season. Fall is known for apple harvest and winter is known for leeks and onions. And the farmers market is not just for fresh produce. There are meat vendors, freshly grounded coffee, and artisan jams found there. Certain farmers markets even have homemade foods like popcorn, cake, and candy. In Bank and Vines’ case, we not only use those farmers markets, we also enjoy collaborating with local businesses. Our team loves the fresh ground coffee from Abide Coffeehouse. Abide Coffeehouse creates artisan coffee from beans roasted by hand in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

These community-sourced foods benefit the area surrounding the restaurant as well. Locally grown foods maintain the farmlands of the area and help local farmers. At Bank and Vine, we use locally sourced ingredients to create amazing recipes.

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