Essentials for a Perfect Brunch

Once the weekend rolls around, you might have many plans lined up. However, a favorite weekend get-together for many people is catching up with friends over brunch. This is the perfect way to debrief after a long week and enjoy a great meal. Brunch has grown in popularity over the years, but what do you need to have the best brunch possible?

At Bank+Vine, we know how to ensure all of our guests get the best brunch possible every weekend. Here are a few brunch essentials that can help make the afternoon perfect.

Local Coffee Selections

Of course, no brunch would be complete without coffee. While it may be the weekend and a little later in the day, most of us can benefit from some caffeine. You shouldn’t settle for the quality of your coffee, either. At Bank+Vine, we have freshly brewed coffee from Abide Coffeehouse, so not only do you know you’re getting a high-quality drink, but you’re also supporting another local business. Whether you prefer your drink hot or iced, you can enjoy the coffee we have to offer.

Fresh Baked Bread and Pastries

Few things are better or more comforting than fresh bread and pastries. This is perfect for eating before your meal or on the side, and we offer great choices at Bank+Vine. Throughout the year, we carry different seasonal options, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. All of our pastries and sweets are made in-house by our pastry chef, so no matter what you order, you know you’re getting something freshly made by an expert. If you can’t decide on which house bread you want, we also offer a sampler so you can try some of each. You can share with friends to find which one you all prefer, or just enjoy it by yourself.

Your Favorite Sides

At Bank+Vine, we offer a variety of some of the most popular breakfast sides during brunch, so you can add on what you like best to make your perfect meal. You can choose from options like thick-cut bacon, crispy potatoes, avocado toast, and waffles. Many of our brunch plates come with a side, but if your choice doesn’t or you’re still craving something else, you can always add on extras for an additional charge.

An Aesthetic Location

While the food at any brunch is important, so is the location. Brunch is a great weekend treat for many people, and you want to have your meal at a place that only adds to the experience. This is why there’s no better place for brunch in NEPA than Bank+Vine. We’re located in a historic bank building in the downtown area, which provides guests with an amazing ambiance that’s hard to come by today. This adds something special to your meal, and, of course, any pictures you take.

Make Your Brunch Reservations Today

If you are, like many, a brunch fan, you can’t miss the opportunity to dine with Bank+Vine. Check out our brunch menu and find out what weekend works best for your friends to get together to enjoy an amazing meal in an incredible atmosphere!

Make your reservations for brunch at Bank+Vine today.

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