3 Exotic Dishes You Can Order at Bank+Vine

Contemporary cuisine is a fan favorite. Being a contemporary cuisine restaurant, we have a strong focus on fresh ingredients, prepped to highlight their quality and flavors. This style of cooking uses a combination of techniques from around the world. It makes sense when our Executive Chef, Chad Gelso, has experience cooking in kitchens around the country, even venturing to London, and serving as a participant on Hell’s Kitchen. With that experience, we can make some of the most exotic contemporary dishes you can find.

So, if you are a fan of exotic contemporary delicacies, head over to Bank+Vine to try these five mouth-watering dishes.

Braised Lamb Shoulder, Pomegranate Molasses, Cucumber Salad

Did you know that Americans so rarely eat lamb at home that the lamb market survives off of restaurants? Even then, it wasn’t enough to survive until lamb meat’s recent surge in popularity in the last year. Now, people are trying out new and exotic dishes with lamb meat as a key component. We made a new dish using lamb shoulder to have a dish that’s really different from everything else you’ve tried.

We braise the lamb so it’s still hearty without being covered in juices. Then we add the pomegranate molasses on top to enhance the meat’s natural flavor. Together, they create an exotic meat dish that’s completely its own. With cucumber salad on the side, you have everything you could want in a meal.

So, are you in the mood for something hearty? This braised lamb dish is sure to hit the spot and give you a taste of something you’ve never had before.

East Coast Oysters, Cucumber Mignonette, Basil Perfume

Raw East Coast oysters paired with a delicious cucumber mignonette? Yes, please. This collection of oysters assures that no two taste the same. With each one, you get something that tastes a little different, whether that be saltier or less so than the last.

To bring out the taste of the sea, it’s paired with cucumber mignonette, a popular topping for oysters. Where one part of the dish is all about surprising you and holding you in anticipation, the other part is something you’re probably familiar with if you like oysters. It’s the perfect exotic dish that you can feel comfortable eating.

In addition, the dish is topped with sprays of basil perfume for increased freshness, which only makes the whole plate taste better.

Charcoal Grilled Spanish Octopus, Confit Potatoes, Nduja Sausage

Octopus is an exotic animal, but when it’s grilled on charcoal, there’s no other dish like it. It becomes both crispy and chewy, with a distinct scent that makes it stand out from other dishes. Adding a side of confit potatoes just brings this exotic dish something familiar, but also has an extra bit of flavor with spicy, spreadable pork sausage.

If nothing else, the nduja sausage is well worth ordering the plate alone!

Try These Exotic Dishes at Bank+Vine Restaurant!

These are some of the contemporary exotic dishes you can get at Bank+Vine. If you want to try something you haven’t tried before, but aren’t sure if you’ll like, these are the ones to give a chance. They all have something familiar on their plates to pair with something you don’t recognize.

Give something new a chance, and you may end up finding a new favorite meal for whenever you come to Bank+Vine. Make a reservation for your next trip to Bank+Vine, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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