Why is French Food So Famous?

When we think of France, it’s hard to not think of French food. People from all over agree that French cuisine is some of the best in the world, and the country has one of the highest counts of Michelin-star restaurants. The popularity of French cuisine is nothing new. Whether it’s in a high-scale restaurant or someone’s home kitchen, people have been trying to master French cooking for years. French cuisine is synonymous with quality, sophistication, and refinement. Many different cultures have beloved foods, but what makes French cuisine special to so many?

Some might argue that French food just has a certain je ne sais quoi about it, but there’s a few good reasons for the reputation it’s earned. Find out what elevates French dishes, and try it for yourself at Bank+Vine’s upcoming French Dinner on February 24th. 

Difficult Techniques 

Many French dishes are not for people learning to cook for the first time. Part of the appeal of French cuisine is the difficulty associated with many of its dishes. In general, these recipes are not something that you can whip up for a weeknight dinner. The skill and artistry associated with many French dishes have helped it gain the wide appreciation that it has today. Many of the best chefs train for years to be able to successfully pull off classic French dishes, so getting to enjoy them is often a special treat for most people. Even the dishes that home chefs can attempt on their own are extremely time-consuming, so you need to be willing to commit yourself to the recipe. 

Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients 

At Bank+Vine, we know the importance of cooking with fresh, high-quality ingredients. We have a farm-to-table concept in our restaurant to prepare the best tasting meals for our guests, and this is similar to what can be found in French cooking. A dish can only be as good as its ingredients, something the French know all about. French cuisine is known for utilizing fresh, in-season ingredients, whether it’s a home-cooked meal or one of the best restaurants in the world. This makes Bank+Vine the perfect place to host a French dinner in NEPA since you already know we only use the best ingredients available. 

It Pairs Perfectly with Wine

Nothing is better than a nice glass of wine with your meal, and French wine is some of the best in the world. Drinking wine is a huge part of French culture for many. Wine is meant to complement your meal and add to the overall experience of dining with friends or family. At Bank+Vine, we’re also familiar with the value that a nice glass of wine can have with any meal. During our eight-course dinner, you can taste fine wine pairings that will enhance your meal and help you enjoy every moment of the night.

You Can Always Rely on French Desserts 

French cuisine has many amazing savory dishes, from canapés to the main course. However, while these are well-known, France is arguably more famous for its desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, French food is just right for you. From delicate pastries like gâteau de mille-feuilles and macarons to confections like pâte de fruit, our French Dinner would not be complete without classic French sweets after rich, savory dishes. 

Dine Like You’re in France with Bank+Vine

While most of us can’t fly off to France to enjoy an amazing meal, you can get the next best thing with Bank+Vine. We know the importance of fine French food and will help you experience it for yourself. 

Make your reservations for our French Dinner on February 24th today.

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