Back of House at Bank+Vine

When you enter into Bank+Vine, you’ll likely see some familiar faces such as Hostess/Server/Bartender Alyssa Fanelli, Head Server Lucia Villafranca, or Bar Manager Ryan Dimmick. But behind the scenes, there are several key people involved in the success of our South Main Street restaurant. Let’s check out what the back of house roles are and who fills them!

Back of House Team at Bank+Vine

Leading our back of house team, we have Executive Chef Chad Gelso. Working in restaurants across the country, and even overseas, Chef Chad has the skill and experience needed to lead the culinary team at Bank+Vine. His role includes bringing his knowledge to the table and crafting the menu each week, along with overseeing all kitchen operations. He ensures that all food is created properly and safely.

Next in line, we have Chef Brittany Hillman, who helps to find and prepare new and innovative dishes. Under Chef Chad and Chef Brittany is Sous Chef Kloey Cimakasky, who is capable of stepping up to lead the team should the head chef be unable to. Chef Kloey is also responsible for training junior chefs and helping them sharpen their skills. Chef Kloey has experience in kitchens up and down the East Coast, mainly as a pastry chef. Speaking of pastry chefs, Bank+Vine’s very own Pastry Chef Kristen Fereck is skilled at crafting unique and flavorful desserts, along with plating desserts and decorating various cakes and breads.

Preparing any and all meats, we have Meat Cook Jonathan Kopcho. Jonathan is responsible for preparing all cuts of meat, perfectly seasoning, cooking, and carving them. While Johnathan is preparing the meats, Fish Cook John Weisman is responsible for perfecting and presenting all fish and seafood dishes. He has over 40 years of experience crafting fine fish dishes. Creating sides to go along with all meats and fish is our Entremetier Kyle Gitkos. An entremetier is essentially a vegetable chef and is responsible for preparing vegetables, soups, starches, and eggs. Kyle ensures that the vegetables he works with are all fresh, in-season, and locally-sourced.

Friedman Properties

Perhaps the most important component of Bank+Vine is our owner, Robert Friedman, who also owns Friedman Hospitality Group. The company owns and operates several of the Wyoming Valley’s premier dining establishments, including:

A Night Out in NEPA at Bank+Vine

With so many incredibly talented assets on our team, preparing dishes for our patrons has never been so rewarding. For a night out in Northeastern Pennsylvania, choose Bank+Vine. Our back of house team will present you with an experience that you will never forget. Place your reservation today. We look forward to serving you and your guests!

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